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Why Hire A Lawyer?

The informality of Social Security hearings makes it possible for some claimants to represent themselves.  However, a person's chances of success are improved when that person is represented by an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable about the applicable laws, regulations, and rulings. 

What can a lawyer do for me that I can't do for myself?

In deciding disability claims, the Social Security Administration is required to follow the Social Security Act, and its published regulations and rulings.  In addition to these legal authorities,  the Administration also has published policy manuals that guide its actions.  These sources are lengthy, and they can be confusing.  Without first understanding all of the relevant rules for proving your disability, you may end up spending time and energy proving the wrong things, or you may overlook  crucial information that should have been presented.  In addition, sometimes the Social Security Administration tries to take actions that are not in a claimant's best interest and not in keeping with the law.  Unless you are familiar with all of the applicable rules, though, you may not realize this.    A knowledgeable, experienced social security lawyer can apply his familiarity with the rules to your individual situation.  This way, your efforts to prove your disability will be more  effective and your legal rights will be protected.

What are some specific things that a lawyer would do for me?

Every case is different, and what a lawyer would do depends upon the particular facts of your case.  But, some of the things an attorney might do include: